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WordPress development.

Up and Running makes learning WordPress development clear, logical, and quick. Through our clear e-book, diagrams, video tutorials, and interviews, you'll learn WordPress deeply while saving dozens of hours of confusion.

Get a Solid Foundation in WordPress Development

wordpress_flowchartWordPress development learners often can’t find clear answers to simple questions. Why? Because many common ways of learning WordPress—blog articles, browsing the Codex, and so on—are built on invisible pillars of assumed knowledge: things about WordPress that developers “just know,” and that non-developers don’t.

Up and Running doesn’t skip these steps. We teach you what a post type is, and then how to create new ones. We teach you what a theme is and the key parts that make it up, and then how to modify and create both parent and child themes.

You Need a Concise, Approachable Guide

WordPress page and post
Books and articles tend to veer widely into things you don’t need to know. We don’t do tangents. We explain the nuts and bolts of WordPress in crisp language, elegant infographics, and efficient video tutorials.

We start from core principles, and advance into specific practices. At every step, we have quizzes to test your knowledge, and succinct chapter summaries so you can see your mastery of key points.

So Up and Running is both thorough and searchable. Whether you need general concepts, specific practices, or both, it’s all there, easy to find and with 0% fat.

No Matter Your Learning Style…

wordpress tutorial videoSometimes written material is the best way to learn WordPress. Sometimes you really wish you could look at a diagram. Sometimes you just need to watch someone do it for a few minutes.

In Up and Running, it’s all there. Our chapters, infographics, video tutorials, and expert interviews come together to give you a holistic understanding of WordPress development: one you can see, hear, and do yourself.

You Can Learn WordPress Development!

WordPress server-side client-side diagram

Preview of Infographics

We’ve gone through an exhaustive and thoughtful effort, which involved talking to people who want to learn WordPress, are learning WordPress, or are already experts. We’re confident we’ve done a very thorough job of tackling the places that most WordPress learners get tripped up, frustrated, and generally just turned around in an unhelpful way.

If you’re really committed to learning, we’re confident that we’ve built the best possible resource to get you “Up and Running” in WordPress development. We go fully into the technical details—but we make sure you’ve got a solid basis of intuitive understanding beforehand.

Who Up And Running Isn’t For

If you’re looking to get started using WordPress, or if you’ve never used WordPress before, this may not be the guide for you. Rather, Up in Running is purpose-built to empower experienced WordPress users to begin developing their own WordPress solutions: themes, plugins, and full-fledged applications.

What You’ll Get

Deluxe: The Full Package

Deluxe is our most full-featured version of Up and Running.
It features the following awesome ways to learn:

You'll Get Our Approachable and Friendly Book!


Book Content Preview
(about Themes)

We couldn't not include the text of the book. You'll get clear prose about all the core things you need to start developing in WordPress with confidence and ease. Our book is chock-full with answers to common questions we've been answering for new developers to WordPress for years. There are many common terminology issues in WordPress that trip people up, the book illuminates everything about them.

The book isn't a canonical reference for every feature and function in WordPress. That exists already. It's called the WordPress Codex, and you should know about it. But chances are when you do (or when you have) you'll find that concepts in a small terse sentence there don't quite resonate with you. That's where the book comes in — it's exactly what you don't know as a relatively beginner to WordPress development that the book will help with. After you've read the books, those small terse sentences will be telling just what you need to know.

More than 50 Screencasts on Common WordPress Tasks and Concepts


Screencast Preview

Reading is great, but some people learn better with audio and video than they do prose. We find it more fun! In either case, you'll get screencasts that walk you through the basic layout of WordPress, the languages of WordPress, the process of making a child theme, the process of making a from-scratch WordPress theme, and the process of making a plugin. It is a lot of stuff, but they're all there to be sure we've covered everything and not leave you hanging.

We know screencasts can be a bit dull, long-winded, and shallow. We've done our best to keep those mistakes in mind when producing ours, and we got regular feedback that we've succeeded. They're succinct but not terse, thorough without being long-winded, and really illuminate the concepts involved rather than just doing work in front of you.

13 Interviews With WordPress Experts

One of the most important things to realize as a developer is that not all people do things the same way. There are trade-offs that different people make in different ways, and that's not a problem. To demonstrate this idea, and to highlight the nature of the trade-off different developers make and what their reasoning is, we lined up a whole array of WordPress experts from different communities and levels, and had them show us through their code and talk about how they develop for WordPress. Maybe you know some of them:

Carrie Dils,
Genesis Expert
Pippin Williamson,
Easy Digital Downloads Creator
Morten Rand-Hendriksen,
WordPress teacher at Lynda
Helen Hou-Sandí,
WordPress Lead Developer
Curtis McHale,
E-Commerce & Membership Guru
Patrick Rauland,
WooCommerce Product Manager
Tom McFarlin,
Prolific WordPress Author
Brian Krogsgard,
Founder at Post Status
Mika Epstein, Plugin Repo Gatekeeper
Sean Davis,
Theme Builder & EDD Team Member
Daniel Bachhuber,
WP-CLI Maintainer
Jenny Wong,
WordCamp and PHP Conference Master
Daniel Espinoza,
E-Commerce Wizard

We were lucky enough to get the time of some of these developers we admire and respect a great deal, and we're confident that they all have something that they can teach you. With each, we not only asked both philosophical and tactical questions, but we had them lead us through some interesting and useful WordPress code. Maybe they'll mention a function you don't know, talk about a method of problem-solving you'd never considered, or just say something that challenges or inspires you. Check out our conversation with Patrick Rauland.

A Bonus: A Great Plugin, and Awesome Hosting from SiteGround

Through WPShout's partnerships, we can also offer Up and Running buyers some great deals. First, you'll get an extension license discount for one of our all-time favorite plugins: All-in-One WP Migration. You'll also get either 60% or 70% off shared hosting from SiteGround—meaning up to $250 in savings per year on SiteGround's outstanding GoGeek hosting plan (which we're using for this site, WPShout, and all our others)!

Personal Access to the Creators

We're 100% committed to helping buyers of our Deluxe package quickly gain comfort and expertise. And we know that all the best static resources in the world sometimes aren't enough to answer a question that you have which all of those resources seem to skip. So buyers of our deluxe package will have access to two 30-minute personal video calls with one of Up and Running's creators to talk over an issue they're having on the journey to being a confident and productive WordPress developers.

Personal access to experts who wrote they book? That's crazy!? That must cost, like, $300 dollars just for that, right? You might think so...

After all, you're not just getting the personalized access to authors of a great book about WordPress development. You're also getting a great book about WordPress development. And you're getting some of the best WordPress screencasts ever made. AND, finally, you're getting access to 13 amazing interviews with developers you either already know of and are paying attention to, or that you should be. So that's all got to add at least a few hundred dollars to the cost, right?

Own the Deluxe Up and Running Package for only $249

Praise for Up and Running

John, Freelancer

John, Freelancer

You guys rock! I have taken several WordPress theme development courses and read two books on it. By a landslide, yours is better because you have been careful to not talk over people's heads. Thank you for this valuable contribution to the WordPress community!

Tawny, Developer

Tawny, Developer

I don’t like copy-and-paste, rote learning; I always want to know the why behind it. I think Up and Running does an excellent job at this, while cutting out the unnecessary parts.

Stephen, Developer

Stephen, Developer

I found each section well explained and easy to read. A great introduction to what is required to start as a WordPress developer. Well done!

Ivan, Developer

Ivan, Developer

I'm quite good at HTML, CSS, JS, and a bit of PHP, but I needed to get a high-level grasp on how WordPress works. Your course did just that.

Jason, Developer

Jason, Developer

I have been working my way through the UpAndRunning "pro" items and have to tell you that I'm incredibly satisfied with what you guys have put together. I have spent hours upon hours with Lynda and TeamTreeHouse (which are both great), but the "child theme" and "theme from scratch" series you put together simply take the cake. :) I soooo wished I had these resources when I started this stuff 4 years ago!!

About the Authors


David Hayes

David has been WordPress user for nearly a decade, and a WordPress developer for at least half that time. He’s quite sharp, and a regular speaker and writer on topics like PHP, programming, and WordPress. He’s passionate about helping people get comfortable with development, and regularly writes at WPShout to further that goal. He has no hair!

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a thoughtful developer who excels at writing in an approachable way that avoids the usual mumbo-jumbo of technical writing. He knows his stuff, but he doesn’t try to scare you with that fact. Striving to be clear, precise, and never confusing, Fred’s the primary force behind Up and Running‘s acclaimed approachable feel. He also plays a mean jazz piano!

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